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Alleged Brooksville Sex Offender Charged with Murder for Hire Plot Against Hernando County Prosecutor and Public Defender

Generally the job of the Public Defender is thankless, and the job of Prosecutor is even more thankless, but very rarely are they actually dangerous. It is being reported by the Tampa Tribune that the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office have charged a defendant, currently in custody, for arranging for the murders of a local Assistant State Attorney and his local Assistant Public Defender. While currently facing serious prison time for two counts of Lewd and Lascivious Molestation of a Victim under twelve (12) years of age and one count of Sexual Battery on a Victim under twelve (12) years of age, the defendant apparently was in a position to discuss this plot.

According to the reports, the defendant told the confidential informant, while in custody, that he was owed $8,000 in back Social Security refunds and would pay $3,000 for each of the murders. The report goes on to say the Sheriff’s Office is in possession of a written IOU by the defendant of the $6,000 payment.

This defendant is now additionally charged with two counts of solicitation to commit murder. It is unclear who the court will appoint to represent him and further what Public Defender’s Office will be responsible to provide the defense attorney. It would appear there is a conflict between him and the Assistant Public Defender he allegedly was going to pay $3,000 to have murdered. This case will certainly deal with the mental health of the defendant and the ability to carry out such an arrangement. The defendant’s location in jail during these alleged negotiations are the most striking part of this case. It may be troublesome for a jury to believe he could carry out this plan from jail.

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