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Anonymous Complaint Results in 2 Arrested for Crystal Meth in St. Augustine


An anonymous call to the St. Augustine police Saturday morning led to the arrest of two people on drug possession.

Police claim they responded to a parking lot on South Dixie Highway and found three people sitting in a car. The people in the car allegedly consented to a search and police say they found drug paraphernalia and a substance that field tested positive for crystal meth.

Two people, a man and a woman, were arrested on drug possession charges.

With the use of methamphetamine on the rise through the past decade, many states have enacted strict laws in an effort to decrease its production, and Florida is certainly no exception. Because of Florida’s strict drug laws, police can be particular overzealous in their arrests. Possessing even a small amount of crystal meth can lead to a felony charge that carries the very real possibility for jail time, significant fines, and a permanent stain on your record that can be a nuisance in the future in regards to education, employment, and housing opportunities.

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