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Body Cam Video Contradicts Marion County Deputies’ Statements


Newly released footage from a body-worn camera contradicts statements two Marion County deputies made just two days after they were suspended with pay, according to the State Attorney’s Office.

The two deputies were suspended after officials learned of possible officer misconduct in regards to how they executed a search warrant.

The deputies searched a Marion County hotel after receiving word that a suspect, wanted on a warrant, was at the property. The incident lead to a search and seizure situation.

One of the deputies wrote in the arrest affidavit that when he arrived to the suspect’s room, he knocked on the door and identified himself as a member of the Sheriff’s Office.

But footage from a body-worn camera apparently tells a different story.

“Maintenance. I know you have the do not disturb sign, but I need to come in,” the deputy said. “Maintenance. Are you available?”

Deputies said they discovered drugs and a stolen gun inside the room. The suspect was later spotted in the lobby and arrested.

The body-camera evidence could be enough to destroy the case against the suspect as well as  end the two deputies’ careers.

One of the deputies has been employed by the MCSO for 12 years and the other for nine years.

The suspect remains in jail.

Both the Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorneys’ Office are investigating the incident.

The use of police body cameras in this case is obviously playing a major role. A video log of the actual event is clearly shown, documenting what occurred during an arrest, including the dialogue between the arresting officer and the suspect. This type of footage is extremely important when it comes to criminal defense. The footage from a body camera worn by an officer will show if the criminal defendant’s rights were infringed upon and will show for certain if they were properly Mirandized as required by law.

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