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Brooksville, Florida Criminal Defense Attorney :: Hernando County Man Attacks Estranged Wife’s Date with a Chainsaw


Central Florida police arrested a 49-year-old Brooksville, Florida man Tuesday morning for three counts of criminal mischief, armed burglary and battery after he used a chainsaw to break into a hotel room and attack a man.

According to the Hernando County Sherriff’s Office, the victim was on a date with the suspect’s wife.

A female deputy arrived at a Best Western shortly after midnight after a 911 phone call was placed reporting a disturbance. The Tampa Tribune reports that a hotel clerk told the officer a man arrived at the hotel carrying a chainsaw and looking for his wife. The clerk would not give the man the information he wanted and left the room.

The clerk supposedly heard loud banging from outside and went to check it out. While in the parking lot he noticed his rear passenger-side door was smashed.

Witnesses allegedly saw the Brooksville man break the window of another vehicle in the parking lot with his fist. The man then ran upstairs and shattered the window of a hotel room and used his chainsaw to break inside.

The chainsaw was apparently not running.

After the man allegedly broke the window he confronted his wife and her date. The man evidently punched his wife’s date three times in the face. The man left the hotel after the battered man called the police.

The battered man’s car window was smashed. He refused medical attention.

The Brooksville man was arrested at his home later where the chainsaw was taken into evidence.

A hotel manager is supplying surveillance footage to police for evidence as well.

The Brooksville man was booked at the Hernando County Jail with bail set at $26, 500.

Criminal mischief, as defined by Florida statutes, is when you willfully and maliciously damage any property belonging to someone else. It can be deliberate or careless, malicious or merciless behavior that results in someone’s possessions being broken or ruined, at some quantifiable cost. The degree of punishment as a misdemeanor or a felony charge depends on the monetary value of the damage.

Along with criminal mischief charges, the man in this case faces charges of armed burglary and battery. Armed Burglary in Florida is a first degree felony punishable by up to life in prison. It is considered a violent crime even if no crime actually occurs. Since the burglary was committed without the use of a firearm the 10-20-Life statute can be implemented, which means a minimum sentence would be calculated under a guidelines score sheet. The charge of simple battery is a first degree misdemeanor which carries consequences of up to one year in county jail, no more than 12 months of probation and up to $1,000 fine, apart from some obligatory excess fees set forth by the Florida legislature.

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