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Citrus County Criminal Defense Attorney News Update: Juvenile Corrections Officer Charged with Sex Crime


According to the Citrus County Chronicle, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 23 year-old female detention officer for allegedly performing a sex act on a 17 year-old male inmate.
Citrus County is of course no stranger to newsworthy sex crimes, as this was the location of the brutal Jessica Lunsford rape and murder several years ago. The detention officer was not taken into custody in the facility she previously worked as she was released and not asked to post a bond.

According to reports, the Citrus County Juvenile Detention officer first allegedly denied the act, but after consenting and allegedly failing a voice stress analysis, the former officer confessed to the events. The reports indicate that not only was a sex act performed, but also a personal mobile phone number was also allegedly exchanged.
Sexual Misconduct by a Correctional Employee is a felony and it is undetermined at this time if this case will be prosecuted by the Citrus County State Attorney’s Office.

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