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Citrus County Sheriff’s Office investigates Inverness, Florida shooting and stabbing…unrelated

According to the Citrus County Chronicle, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office is investigating injuries sustained by a 54-year old Inverness, FL man in an alleged shooting. Not fifteen minutes later, at approximately 5:00 a.m., another Inverness man hobbled into the Inverness, FL Huddle House Restaurant with stab wounds on his neck and wrist. Citrus County is a community that has seen its fair share of criminal episodes in recent years– having two violent offenses occur in such close proximity in time would seem to indicate that they are connected. However, police believe these incidents are unrelated.

Both alleged Citrus County crimes are being investigated by police at the time of this post. In Florida, arrests for this type of case could range from assault, attempted Murder, Attempted Manslaughter, Felony Battery or Aggravated Battery.

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