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Florida Drug Arrest Lawyer :: Tampa Bay Buccaneer Arrested, Again – Alex Magee Charged with Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana


Tampa Bay Bucs defensive end Alex Magee was charged with possession of marijuana Monday afternoon after being pulled over for an expired tag. During the traffic stop, police reportedly smelled marijuana coming from the interior of Magee’s 2009 Black Dodge Charger and after searching the vehicle a misdemeanor amount of field test positive marijuana was found.

Magee was charged with possession of marijuana and having an expired tag of more than six months. Magee was released with a citation due to the offense being classified as a misdemeanor.

The Duquenois-Levine test is widely used by detectives to determine if a suspected substance is a positive match for marijuana. The test is easy to administer and results are determined through chemical color reactions. An officer performs the test by placing a particle of the substance in question on a micropipette of chemicals, if the chemicals turn purple then marijuana is a possible culprit. While the tests are simple and keenly looked upon by law enforcement agents, results can return false positives which can result in unfortunate arrests.

A large number of marijuana arrests occur after a vehicle is stopped for traffic violations. Many times the officers who pull you over for traffic infractions are street cops that are not veteran law enforcement agents or narcotics detectives who have the knowledge of conducting a lawful search of your person or vehicle. How an officer finds any amount of suspected marijuana is crucial information in a drug charge because if the search was illegal, oftentimes the charges can be dropped.

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