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Florida Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney News Update :: Hernando County and Citrus County Men Arrested in Tampa Drug Bust


According to Kevin Metana of the St. Petersburg Times, two men were arrested this past week in Tampa, and charged with two counts of drug trafficking, two counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, burglary and grand theft.

The report indicates that the men were allegedly found to be in possession of more than $10,000 of prescription Oxycodone, or roughly 687 pills. In addition, the men were allegedly also found to be in possession of marijuana and $2,500 in cash. The cash will certainly become subject to an Asset Seizure or Forfeiture proceeding as part of this arrest.

The arrest for drug trafficking is partially based on law enforcement’s suspicion that they have been committing these acts in several areas, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando and Sumter Counties. Because these men hail from Floral City and Brooksville, this suspicion will certainly be investigated by several departments. This arrest was allegedly initiated by a “tip”. Any Florida Drug Trafficking Lawyer hired in this case will investigate this “tip” as it may be the product of a confidential informant, or “CI”, or through coercive or constitutionally illegal tactics by the Police.

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