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Ocala, FL Criminal Court Judge Sentences Juror to Three Days Marion County, Florida Jail for Contempt

Marion County Judge Jim McCune ordered a prospective juror to serve three days in Marion County Jail and pay an estimated $200 in court costs and fines according to Suevon Lee from the Ocala Star-Banner. Marion County Judge McCune made this ruling after the juror was found to have used foul language in response to not being dismissed from the jury panel.

Marion County Court Judges like Judge McCune hear Misdemeanor cases involving charges like DUI, LSA, Reckless Driving, Driving on a Suspended License, Assault, Battery, Petit Theft, Worthless Check, Possession of Marijuana, Trespass and Carrying a Concealed Weapon to name a few. On the civil side, the Marion County Court Judges hear cases involving anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000 in dispute and can even sometimes involve personal injury.

It is not uncommon for Judges to take courtroom decorum seriously, and even threaten jail time when jurors make a mockery of the process. However, actually sentencing an individual is very rare–the more common practice is for Judges to make their point by taking unruly jurors into custody for the day. Unfortunately, one of the most tragic erosions of this country’s democracy is the irreverence many jurors show when they are called for service. The fact is, the stronger our jury system is, the stronger our democracy. Ocala, FL Lawyer Whittel & Melton, LLC strongly urges citizens to take jury duty more seriously.

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