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Ocala, Florida drug possession arrest stems from traffic stop


An 18-year-old man stopped by a sheriff’s deputy on Thursday night for having a suspended driver’s license, was arrested for driving on a suspended license and drug possession after a search of the vehicle uncovered more than 100 grams of marijuana. The Ocala Star-Banner reports that a Marion County Deputy saw a black Chrysler heading west on County Road 464 and ran the tag, which showed the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license.

After pulling over the car, the deputy detected a strong marijuana odor coming from the car. Deputy found 110 grams of marijuana in a gallon-sized baggie in the glove box as well as another baggie that contained less than a gram of marijuana. The center console had several small baggies in different sizes. The suspect told deputies that he intended to smoke a portion of the marijuana, and sell the rest.

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