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‘Operation Dirty Dope’ Yields 15 Arrests in Boynton Beach


Boynton Beach police arrested 15 people in their month-long undercover drug sting ‘Operation Dirty Dope’ aimed at catching suspected drug dealers across Boynton Beach.

With 247 overdoses since the start of the year, 19 of which turned fatal, Boynton Beach police launched this sting operation in an attempt to try to slow the pace of the drug trade. Police believe heroin was involved in more than two-thirds of the cases. Police also found heroin at 11 of the fatal overdoses, they said.

Of those arrested, 11 are accused of selling heroin and cocaine to undercover officers and confidential informants, according to police. The drug deals happened across Boynton Beach in Publix parking lots, a park, an apartment complex and other places, according to arrest reports.

The undercover officer would typically call or text the suspected drug dealer, arrange to meet somewhere, then exchange drugs for cash, typically under $100. Sometimes the suspected drug dealer would be free to leave as the drugs were later tested. Other times, nearby officers would swoop in to make an arrest in the middle of a drug deal, according to reports.

Two search warrants led police to what they called “large amounts” of cocaine, heroin and marijuana, along with thousands of dollars in cash.

Police said that more arrests and charges are expected in the next several days.

Drug crimes charges are nothing to joke about. Police, prosecutors and judges take these crimes very seriously, and will be aggressive in their approach to achieve a guilty verdict. However, just because you were arrested for a drug offense, this does not mean you are automatically guilty of a crime. In fact, there could be many possible defenses that apply to your specific situation which could lead to charges being reduced or dismissed entirely.

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