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Pasco County Clerk’s Campaign Signs in New Port Richey, FL Are Vandalized

According to Nomaan Merchant of the St. Pete Times, Pasco County Clerk of Courts Candidate and current Deputy Pasco Clerk Paula O’Neil has had upwards of 10 signs stolen or destroyed. Most were in the New Port Richey area, however others signs in Land O’Lakes, Hudson and Dade City were stolen.

The job of the Pasco County Clerk is an important role as that office is responsible for overseeing primarily all of the filings in State Criminal cases in Pasco County, both Felony and Misdemeanor.

Complaints were filed with the Pasco County Sherriff’s Office about the vandalism. In past years, State Attorney’s Offices have brought charges of Petit Theft or Grand Theft, depending on the amount of campaign signs destroyed. This event could also be charged as Criminal Mischief for those signs that were cut, ruined or damaged, but not taken.

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