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Spring Hill man is punched, bitten by suspected car burglar


Last week, there were reports that a Spring Hill man was victim to a car burglary where allegedly, a fight with the perpetrator left him injured after sustaining punches and a bite wound.

As a result of the incident, Michael Leonard is charged with battery, burglary of conveyance and resisting an officer without violence.

The victim told deputies that Leonard punched him in the face and bit him while the two wrestled on the ground. The items allegedly stolen from the victim included a plastic cell phone clip, a plastic knob, iPod, sunglasses and a small amount of coins.
Deputies also learned Leonard was on probation for a misdemeanor DUI which, in addition to the penalties he could be subjected to for the felonies he is charged with, could add another year onto his sentence for a violation of DUI probation.

As a former state prosecutor, I always welcomed felonies that came with an accompanying violation of probation charge. When the basis of a violation of probation is a new charge, state attorneys only have to prove the underlying charge–in Leonard’s case the burglary and battery– to a preponderance of the evidence to succeed on the violation of probation (instead of the higher beyond a reasonable doubt standard in criminal trials), subjecting the defendant to jail or prison time.

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