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Student Charged After Allegedly Posting Nude Pic of Teacher Online


A high school student who is accused of going through his teacher’s cell phone, finding a nude picture of her and posting it online has been charged with a computer crime and voyeurism.

According to authorities, the student, who is being charged as a juvenile, was taken into custody at Union High School in South Carolina without incident.

The 16-year-old is charged with a count of violating the state’s computer crime act in the second degree and a count of aggravated voyeurism.

He is being held in juvenile detention for a hearing in family court.

Officials said it is not clear how many people may have seen the social media postings of the photo.

The teacher, 33, has quit her job teaching mechanical and electrical engineering and computer programming at the school’s vocational center.

She told police that on Feb. 18 she stepped out of her classroom, which is when a boy took her unlocked smartphone from her desk, opened the photos application and found a nude selfie she had taken for her husband as a Valentine’s Day present.

According to reports, the superintendent said it was the teacher’s fault for leaving students unattended during a four-minute break between classes.

The voyeurism charge makes it illegal, for the purpose of sexual gratification, to record or make a digital file of another person without his or her consent. The computer crimes charge makes it illegal to take possession or deprive the owner of a computer of computer data.

Both charges are misdemeanors for a first offense.

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