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Tampa Judge Sentences Con Artist to 30 Years Florida State Prison for Violation of Probation

Tampa, Florida Circuit Court Judge Daniel Perry sentenced a man to the maximum 30 years of Florida State Prison and included as a term of his probation, restitution in the amount of approximately $60,000, according to Tampa Tribune’s Kevin Graham.

Florida has long been considered one of the most punitive states in the union for several reasons. The foremost being the way in which it deals with Violations of Probation. Not only are the violation of probation hearings void of any 5th amendment rights to silence and often very quick, but the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure require far less proof than the usual burden of beyond a reasonable doubt.

In this case, the defendant clearly offended the court by the nature in which he violated probation. The original criminal fraud case alleged that he defrauded over $400,000 from area residents. The violation of probation allegation was that during his probation he was witnessed claiming to be the grandson of Frank Sinatra and in need of small loans due to a banking error. These scams were alleged to have taken place in cities like Austin, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada.

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