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Tavares School Janitor Accused Of Poisoning Coworker Over Promotion


A Tavares High School janitor has been accused of poisoning his coworker last week after she received a job promotion he wanted, according to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

The 39-year-old was arrested Friday on a poisoning charge after a fellow custodian reported to a school resource deputy that she suspected she had been poisoned, according to reports.

The woman, the school’s lead custodian, told investigators she believed the man wanted a job promotion and he had been trying to get her in trouble.

She told deputies she had sipped a Coca-Cola that she had bought from Wendy’s and had left unattended on her office desk. After sipping the drink, she said her throat started to burn and she had trouble breathing.

The woman said she recognized the odor, saying it was similar to that of a commercial floor stripper that was near her desk.

When investigators tested the Coke, they found chemical levels consistent with ingredients of the floor stripping product.

The manufacturer’s website warns that the substance is harmful if ingested and can cause respiratory irritation.

She was taken to Tavares’ Florida Hospital Waterman for treatment.

The man was booked into the Lake County Jail. He was released after paying $25,000 in bail.

The school district said the man’s employment status is under internal review. Officials said he was assigned to another location with no access to the woman or to any children.

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