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Brooksville, Florida Judge Hand Out 75 years State Prison for 125 Internet Images of Child Pornography

The retiring senior Hernando County Circuit Court Judge sentenced a man this week on 5 counts of possession of Child Pornography to 75 years. He was facing a minimum 40 years according to reports. It is suggested by his criminal trial attorney that he may appeal this sentence.

The 75 years sentence, justified according to the Brooksville judge, was handed down this week after guilty verdicts were rendered back on July 30. It is not uncommon after a serious sex crimes case like this for a judge to handle the several different sentencing issues days or even weeks after trial. The sentence was broken down as 5 fifteen year terms, to be served consecutively.

The Internet pornography was allegedly found on the home computer in their Spring Hill home by the defendant’s girlfriend. Unfortunately, it has been reported that a Hernando County child custody battle ensued and accordingly the pictures found their way into the hands of law enforcement.

This case is certainly yet another example of the seriousness of Florida sex crimes cases, but maybe more important is the lesson is stands for about the collateral consequences a Family law case can create. Often times, when children or a marriage is involved, the parties involved will resort to any and all methods to destroy the other person – well I’d say she accomplished her goal here.

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