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World Champion Pitcher Clemens Charged With Perjury From Testimony Sans Subpoena…What a Loser!


Like we needed more bad news about our sports heroes. This week, reports circulated that legendary hard thrower (and apparently hard-headed) Roger Clemens has been charged with Perjury for his 2008 congressional testimony. TESTIMONY HE GAVE WITHOUT BEING SUBPOENAED TO TESTIFY.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys work very hard with their clients to manage the dialogue of a legal matter, mostly so that we can prepare a strategy based on known issues, allegations, facts, admissions, etc. However, sometimes we have clients who insist, demand and scream to talk to anyone and everyone. And when those clients want to discuss things that may be considered an admission of wrongdoing or worse, a lie, as thier attorney, you try and protect them by doing everything in your power to stop them from talking–ESPECIALLY under oath.

Nevertheless, the former bulletproof superstar Roger Clemens, while under no legal obligations, strolled into the United States Congress and UNDER OATH and knowingly provided alleged false testimony about performance enhancing drugs in MLB. This could be one of the most stupid and avoidable legal tragedies I have ever heard.

While perjury can be tough to prove legally, the public has no sympathy for alleged cheaters like Clemens, to the point that a jury could convict him for his drug use rather than the actual charge of perjury.

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