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Florida Drug Trafficking Criminal Defense Attorney :: Broward County Sherriff’s Sergeant Charged with Prescription Drug Fraud


A 42-year-old BSO sergeant and his wife have been charged with oxycodone trafficking and prescription fraud. Authorities said the sergeant allegedly filled more than 30 prescriptions for oxycodone, OxyContin and hydrocodone between April 2009 and December 2010. His wife allegedly purchased pain-killers more than 30 times between April 2009 and February 2011.

Five doctors have been involved in this case; police said one destroyed his medical records and one is deceased. The other three supposedly had no clue other doctors were prescribing pain pills to the couple.

The Fort Lauderdale sergeant has been suspended with pay as the investigation ensues. He has been with the BSO since 1989.

According to the Associated Press, Florida is the nation’s epicenter of drug abuse because of its lack of prescription drug database.

Oxycodone, also known by its trade name OxyContin, is an opiate doctors prescribe to patients for pain involving a severe injury or for post-surgery recovery. Oxycodone trafficking has been labeled the most serious drug trafficking offense in the state of Florida because of the extreme penalties attached to a conviction. For just a handful of pills, 4 to 14 grams of oxycodone, carries a minimum prison sentence of three years and a $50,000 fine. The possession of 14 to 28 grams of oxycodone carries a minimum of 15 years in prison and a $100,000 fine. If the amount is greater than 28 grams, approximately 75 pills, the minimum sentence a judge can impose is 25 years in prison and a mandatory $500,000 fine.

Oxycodone trafficking carries a maximum penalty of 30 years behind bars. All trafficking offenses are measured by the weight of the drugs. If the weight of the pills is greater than four grams, the charge increases from possession to trafficking.

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