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Karaoke Causes Jealous Ocala Woman to Commit Attempted Murder

After being found guilty of attempted second-degree murder, aggravated battery and criminal mischief, an Ocala woman faces upwards of 35 years–with a minimum mandatory sentence of seven years– in state prison. This will be a tough pill for the Ocala defendant to swallow as, according to Suevon Lee from the Ocala Star-Banner, prior to trial the Marion County State Attorney’s Office extended a plea offer of five years state prison.

Oddly enough, the charges related to the attempted murder of the Ocala woman’s ex-husband who had been spotted signing Karaoke in the park with another woman. Later that day, the defendant ran her ex-husband over with a car while he was sitting on a friend’s front porch enjoying a cold beer. Apparently, although the couple had been divorced, prior to the incident they had been staying with each other.

It is unclear whether the victim’s music selection or his choice of female companionship motivated the defendant to take the action she did. Regardless, I have always warned friends and colleagues that nothing good can come of karaoke as “good” and karaoke cannot possibly co-exist. Ocala criminal lawyer Whittel & Melton, LLC urges all Karaoke singers and audiences to practice safe Karaoke- namely to perform with one eye on the lyrics and the other on oncoming traffic.

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