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Pasco County State Attorney to charge Juveniles as Adults in Attempted Murder of Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy

According to Nomaan Merchant of the St. Pete Times, attorneys from the Pasco County State Attorney’s Office confirmed their intent to charge two juveniles, ages 15 and 16, as adults for the attempted first-degree murder of a Pasco County Sheriff’s Deputy during an armed burglary.

It is alleged that the two teenagers shot at the Deputy during the burglary of a convenience store in Lacoochee when he blocked their escape route. Both teens could potentially face life in Florida state prison if convicted.

It is likely that the defense will move the court for a change in venue in light of the fact that victim in this case was a Pasco County Deputy as it would be unlikely to find an impartial jury to render a verdict in this matter. This case is an example of the State’s use of the felony-murder rule– which gives the State Attorney’s Office the ability to bring a more serious criminal charge if they allege that someone other than the defendant was killed, or attempted to be killed during the course of a dangerous felony, such as armed burglary.

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