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Hernando County Criminal Defense Lawyer Attorney Legal Update: Woman Charged with Felony Drug Trafficking

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, a young woman and employee of a local Spring Hill, FL Doctor, has been accused of ordering Hydrocodone and Xanax for personal use.

Allegedly, the Spring Hill doctor’s office contacted the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office when it discovered that painkillers had been prescribed without permission. Further investigation by the Hernando County Sheriff’s office revealed that the accused was using a fellow employee’s name when ordering the medication. The State Attorney’s Office is allegedly in possession of surveillance footage from the pharmacy involved in the transactions.

Interestingly, the accused is charged not only with Obtaining a Controlled Substance Through Fraud, but was also charged with Drug Trafficking by the SAO. The Drug Trafficking charge in Florida will dramatically change the way the Prosecutors–and certainly the Judge–will approach this case since Drug trafficking “scores” very high under the Florida Criminal Code. Prosecutors use “score sheets” to determine what type of plea offer will be made and these score sheets take into account a person’s past criminal convictions as well as the seriousness of the crime they are currently accused. In this case, drug trafficking is a very serious charge which will subject this woman to extended time in prison–and that’s not taking into consideration if she has a criminal past.

In my experience, approaching this case as a drug trafficking case is an aggressive stance for the State Attorney’s Office to take considering the basis of the charge is the fact that the that woman allegedly had 11 pills in her possession. I have however, noticed a trend in Central Florida that law enforcement and prosecutors are charging Drug Trafficking more aggressively. But it remains to be seen if they can effectively meet their burden of proof and actually obtain convictions for these sorts of factual scenarios.

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