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Monroe County Man Wanted charged with Credit Card Fraud arrested while fleeing the Florida Keys to Russia


Florida Keys resident Alex Bogomolny had an outstanding $1.5 million arrest warrant based on allegations that he conducted multiple counts of fraud, specifically, trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and identity theft.

According to reports, he was picked up by the Monroe County Sherriff’s Office Tuesday as he was trying to catch a flight to Russia.

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That day, the sheriff’s office received word that Bogomolny had flown out of Key West to New York but had missed his connecting flight to Russia. He was waiting in the John F. Kennedy airport for another flight, when he was apprehended.

Working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office alerted ICE agents that he was trying to flee the country. ICE agents found Bogomolny at the JFK and took him into custody.

Bogomolny will be returned to Monroe County to face charges.

Bogomolny’s scheme was discovered when he was picked up for allegedly stealing a bicycle in Big Pine Key. When his personal belongings were collected when he was questions, Officers found over two dozen credit cards with different people’s names on them. Bogomolny was unable to give a good explanation for his possession of so many cards, which prompted law enforcement fo start an investigation. During this investigation, investigators found that he was opening up credit accounts under other people’s names, according to the sheriff’s office, prompting the arrest warrant.

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