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Tampa Feds Charge Gotti with Drug Trafficking and Murder


Today, former Gambino crime family head John Gotti, Jr.–aka “Junior Gotti” and son of John Gotti – was arrested for racketeering, cocaine trafficking and murder in relation to a Tampa, Florida FBI probe. Kevin Graham and Rebecca Catalanello of the St. Petersburg Times report that the federal indictment, filed in the Middle District of Florida, is a result of facts uncovered by authorities during a 2006 Tampa racketeering trial.

At a press conference, federal officials said that the trial will be held in Tampa and that the charges against Gotti and five others are evidence of the Gambino family’s attempt to get a “foothold” in the Tampa area. Gotti appeared this afternoon in front of a judge who denied bail. If convicted, Gotti could be sentenced to life in prison.

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