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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida for 2021 | Florida Criminal Defense Lawyers Whittel & Melton


Each year FBI crime data is released that focuses on the most dangerous states in the country. The state of Florida ranks 17th on the deadliest states scale, which means there are numerous cities within the state that have a high crime rating. 

The FBI uses statistics focusing on violent crimes, murder, property crimes, and more as their metric for making their determinations. From there, the data is compiled to map out the cities with the most crimes per capita, rounding out the top 10 most dangerous cities for 2021. 

Here is the list of the most dangerous cities in Florida: 

  1. Florida City: This is the most dangerous city in the entire state for 2021. For Florida City, violent crimes 100k is at 2,619, which is nearly 7 times higher than the national average of 366. 
  2. Lake City: Lake City has a population of about 13,000 in Lake City and is the #2 spot on this list again for 2021. Lake City has a high volume of larceny and property crimes per 100k, coming in at 6,432 while the national average is at 2,109. 
  3. Opa Locka: Opa Locka, Florida is a relatively smaller city in the northeastern area of Miami-Dade county. It is only 4.2 square miles, but takes the #3 spot on the list due to  very high numbers of violent crimes, robberies, and larceny. 
  4. Lake Park: Lake Park, FL has fewer than 10,000 residents, but due to their extraordinarily high volumes of larceny, property crimes, and violent crimes it takes the 4th spot on the list for 2021. Violent crimes in Lake park are nearly four times the national average. 
  5. Panama City Beach: This is a popular tourist area, known as PCB. PCB has an all-time high property crime rate at 6,347 per 100k, which is much higher than the 2,145 state average.
  6. Miami Beach: This area boasts some beautiful scenery and hotspots for nightlife, but that comes with high miami-885032_1920-300x225crime rankings. With so many tourists and visitors every year it is no surprise that this area sees its fair share of property and larceny crimes. Larceny is nearly 4 times as high in Miami Beach when comparing to the USA’s national average. 
  7. Perry: Perry, Florida is new on the list for 2021, taking the 7th spot. The crime rate in Perry is 108.94 percent higher than the national average. Most of the crimes in Perry involve property crimes, larceny, and burglary. 
  8. Daytona Beach: This is one of the most well-known cities in the state, but sadly also one of the most crime-ridden. Violent crimes in this area clock in at 1,137 per 100k, and while this might not seem, keep in mind that the national average is 366.  
  9. Cocoa: This city in Brevard County with a population of fewer than 20,000 residents take the number 9 spot on the list due to the crime rate in 20221 reacging 139.59 percent above the national average. FBI data shows that the crime rate for larceny in Cocoa is almost triple the national average and property crime is double. 
  10. Riviera Beach: Riviera Beach is in Palm Beach County and takes the 10th spot for 2021 due to the crime rate per 100k being 5,158. This statistic means that the crime rate in this area is 108.26 percent higher than the national average. 

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