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Dixie, Levy & Gilchrist County Criminal Defense Lawyer :: Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Levy, Gilchrist & Dixie County


If you have been arrested for or charged with a crime in Dixie, Levy or Gilchrist County, it is important to that you obtain legal representation as soon as possible. Why? Despite the severity of the charges you face, a good criminal defense lawyer can explain your rights throughout all stages of the criminal process and help you make the most informed decisions regarding your case. Most importantly, a criminal defense attorney can be the difference between a reduction of charges or dismissal and a jail or prison sentence.

handcuffs.jpgAt Whittel & Melton, our Dixie County Criminal Defense Lawyers have extensive experience in defending people that have been arrested and accused of every type of criminal offense. Our firm handles all types of criminal charges – from Driving While License is Suspended or Revoked and serious DUI offenses to drug crimes, violent crimes and even juvenile offenses. We stand ready to defend clients at every stage of the criminal process, beginning with the arrest. If you have been arrested in Cross City, Horseshoe Beach or the surrounding area, a Dixie County Criminal Defense Attorney at Whittel & Melton can make sure you understand the charges you are up against. Contact us today online or call 866-608-5529 to learn more about how we can assist you.

It does not matter whether you face a simple misdemeanor or a more complex set of felony charges. Criminal charges can affect your life forever, so it is important to take these charges seriously. Do not make the mistake of representing yourself or hiring an inexperienced lawyer. The most important goal for your criminal case is to mount an effective defense. A Levy County Criminal Defense Attorney at Whittel & Melton can help you develop and execute the most powerful legal defense to combat such criminal charges as Domestic Violence, Theft and Burglary, Property Damage, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Battery and Drunk Driving offenses. Contact us today online or call 866-608-5529 for a free initial consultation.

Being charged with a crime whether a misdemeanor or felony, is a very serious matter. If you are facing criminal charges, the severe penalties and consequences of a conviction are no laughing matter. In addition to having a mark on your criminal record, you could be facing jail time, probation, court ordered therapy and loss of relationships and future career options, among many other things. If you are facing any type of crime in Trenton, Bell and Fanning Springs, a Gilchrist County Criminal Defense Lawyer at Whittel & Melton can help you understand the nature of the charged filed against you, what your defense options are, what plea bargains will likely be offered by the prosecution and what to expect after trial or conviction. For further information on how we can help you with your criminal matter, please contact us today online or call 866-608-5529. A consultation with us is always free, so do not delay.

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